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Beyond Magic :: 22nd July Cork

As we reported back in January, Anthony Galvin is launching the show 'Beyond Magic', which is based on the work of Houdini. The show has been created by Anthony Galvin, Steve Spade, and Rikki Zendini, and it will have it's premiere (as part of a fundraising event in aid of the Alzheimer's Society, which was organised by Ray Horgan, a member of the SBM) in the City Limits Comedy Club in Cork City on Friday 22nd July.  John Casey from the SBM sent us on the post below, taken from the homepage of the Southern Brotherhood of Magicians
"Ray Horgan has organised a fundraising night for the Alzheimer's Society of Ireland which will take place on Friday night the 22nd of July. Here's what Ray has to say about the night:-
'This night is organised to help raise awareness for alzheimer's and dementia sufferers and the people who look after and care for people suffering from this disease.  There is currently no known cause for Alzheimer’s disease and there is no cure for the condition..
It is a progressive neurological condition characterised by the build up of proteins in the brain called ‘plaques’ and ‘tangles’. These proteins gradually damage andeventually destroy the nerve cells. This can make it more and more difficult to remember, reason and use language. The loss of memory of recent events may be one of the first difficulties noticed. The person may also become disorientated, be at a loss for a word when speaking and have increasing difficulty with simple daily tasks such as using the phone, making meals or managing money..
To Help make the night a success and fun for everyone, Anthony Galvin has helped put together the world premier of the ''Houdini Tribute Show''..
Here is a brief description of the show that should definately not be missed..
Houdini Recreated!
A century after his death Houdini is still a household name. Now his show has been recreated by three Irish magicians.
Witness the Razor Blade Swallow, see death-defying stunts, a pulse-stop while standing on a bed of nails, hypnotism and a genuine Victorian seance. But the highlight is a deadly escape from a sealed and padlocked perspex cube of water.
The show stars Tony Black, Steve Spade and Rikki Zendini.
There will also be some close up magic at the bar to help keep the crowds entertained...'
Best of luck to all involved, it should be a great night and hopefully you guys will raise a lot of money for a very worthy cause!"
We echo the words abover in wishing everyone involved the best of luck with this project.

Houdini in Cork !

Magician Tony Black will be part of a new show based on the performing life of Houdini.  Scheduled to open in Cork in the coming months we will publish the exact date as soon as it is known.  Tony writes... 
"Houdini is one of the few iconic figures magic has produced. Nearly a century after his death he is still a household name. Now his stage show is being recreated by three Irish magicians.
Beyond Magic will celebrate the three phases of Houdini's career. He began as the King of Cards, specialising in strong stage magic. Then he became a superstar by pioneering daring death-defying escapes. He ended his career as a mentalist exposing fake mediums. All three aspects of his career will be included in this new show.

Tricks featured will include the razor blade swallow, a pulse stop while standing on a bed of nails, and a full Victorian seance. But the highlight will be a truly dangerous underwater escape, from a sealed and padlocked perspex cube of water.  The show will star Steve Spade, Rikki Chee-You, and Tony Black, and will première in Cork this Spring."